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New silent board mainboard fan does not start until print calling fan starts

Is there written instructions to update the firmware on the mainboard and on the display

Bigtree TECH SKR V1.4 / With 5xTMC2209 V1.2 and a  Bigtree SKR MINI E3 32 Bit Control Board Integrated TMC2209 UART for my CR-10S

There are hundreds of parts and such you can put on your 3d printer to “upgrade it”. Is it worth my time to install them?

 Vertical line problem

Creality CR10S, motherboard 2.0 Creality, and marlin firmware is it possible to decrease the micro-stepping in the X and Y axle?

I have solid bed mounts, can I replace the tightening wheels with locking nuts and bolts?

My BLtouch doesn’t probe the bed correctly for some points at startup. What should I do to make it always work correctly?

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