What did we answer this week?

Does the Lotmax use the same parts as the Ender 3?

 If I design a part in fusion or Tinkercad.. will it mess my specs and dimensions up if i change the wall thickness in my slicer?

Can you talk about manual supports within the slicer?

I got food grade PLA to make cookie cutters still on the “2Do” list but wanted to see if I should have a different nozzle or maybe it makes no difference?

 I’ve got an Ender 3 with SKR Mini E3 and have started getting thermal runaway errors (extruder). I think the thermistor & cable is ok. Anything else i should check before replacing the heater?

​I have someone that needs (Soap) molds made, that can be used several times, but it needs to bake in the oven for about 20 minutes @ 55C and up to a max 104C. Anything I can use? ABS? Too hot for TPU?

Does a raft count as the first layer or is it the first layer of the object being printed?

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