What are some of the questions we answered this week?

I got a new 3d printer bed for my cr-10 and the nozzle keeps getting shaved off when it is barely is touching the bed any nozzle you recommend?

Any thoughts on power supplies what is the best one to buy for a 24-volt? My second question is what is the best bed for a cr10s?

What do you guys think of the Trigorilla boards, and what would be a good replacement for it going into a Anycubic I3 mega S?

​I have a question is there any risk to printing glow in the dark filiment?

I just finally got Marlin 2.0 with Bltouch installed on my CR10s with Petsfang, Micro Swiss hotend. How can I adjust the Z offset to a negative value? When I get to zero the value will not go lower?

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