What type of questions did we answer this week?

My extruder is varying speed? Noticed it last night while calibrating the e steps. No skipping. It just slows down for 2-3 seconds. Not pausing, slows down, then speeds back up for 10-15 sec.

I’m having a really hard time getting my Davinci 1.0 Aio to work with my simplified 3d software its shows connected but won’t send the file to the printer.

When you are using PLA filament what is the best temps?

I have a clog problem on my anet a8, bought with a lot of improvement, like bowden extruder.After investing hours to setup mechanics and calibrate steps, now starts to lose E steps and ends in a clog.

I have Ender 3 pro 4.2.7 board and direct drive and bltouch my problem is it won’t store any changes ie z setting.

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