What are some of the questions we answered this week?

Please explain how you set up idex in prusa slicer?

Any experience with Geeetech A30. I’m looking for a profile for the new Prusa Slicer for above printer?

I have a problem with my CR10S. Recently fittet with a SKR 1.4T board and TMS2209 drivers. When printing, the hight of the same print file varies. A 300 mm print comes out up to 20-30 mm to short.

I switched my ender 5 to the dual mosquito. having trouble setting up a reliable Cura profile. seems like I have to drastically teak things print to print vs tech stock hot end which was much less particular?

Have you ever had issues getting support from creality or comgrow for things like broken fans and warped print beds?

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