What are some of the questions we answered this week?

What’s your opinion on Voron printers?

Hi I have a ET4 3d printer and whenever I start a print I can only describe it as a seizure. The E step goes crazy the X and Y axis goes to the right back corner and just keeps running the motor?

I upgraded to Marlin 2.0 on my Mega Zero 2.0. Only fighting issue I have is that when I pause a print the nozzle stays in the part hot. How do I get the Z to lift on a pause?

M600 on Octoprint works up tp the point of purge more then it reboots the printer if I choose continue VZ purge more. I have a BTT pro newest Marlin and octopi. checked all the places to for a fix. Any thoughts?

Just started to print with NylonX Carbon Fiber going good so far was looking to print some polycarbonate any thoughts on what brand to use was looking at PolyMaker PolyMax PC or Prusament PC Blend?

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