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Is it possible for me to get dual extrusion on my CR-10s with a single nozzle?

I put a Hemera on my Ender 5. In Marlin, I changed; 1. thermistor setting, E-step settings, probe offset settings (BL Touch), and minor change in bed size. Is there anything else to do in Marlin?

After upgrading to a Bondtech BMG, I have had constantly been getting jams. The last one killed my Microswiss. What do you need to be careful about using a geared extruder that I need to be aware of?

After manually bed-leveling my CE-10S Pro, when I select the “measure” option the nozzle wants to bury itself by about 5mm on position 2 before failing after 3 attempts.

I tried to print a temp tower but the temp did not change what am I doing wrong?

And so many more.

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